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welcome to my site, im shitty kickflips! im a girl who wears like 20 different artistic hats. i make music, youtube videos, draw, 3d model, write, and basicially anything else i can get my grubby hands on lmao. this site is the one stop shop for all my art and creative endeavors. oh, and don't be afraid to contact me as well! i dont bite, i prommy :3

new things!

5/28/24: new youtube video out freaks! we're so back yall

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snoopy board tha sticker zone snoopy board proud to be trasngendered playstation gurl tell that immortal snail to hurry tf up crusty fan yaoi click to explode instantly its all about me mooooo dont eat crayons i love snails touhou nerd! fun too much het on the net stupid bitch disorder vocaloid miku kiss my diet consists of barbed wire i chew my ice miku guitar sweetheart laugh ramona flowers i heart wii i love you entirety of reef blower werm gorillaz ddbentl herz hello kitty caramelldansen luckystar transgendered graphics lazyy bigender

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