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old abandoned music projects

honestly just putting this here for posterity or whatever

i am a knife (2017ish-2021)
my first and main music project for a long time. i started production under raineymornings, then i changed names to i am a knife. mostly hip hop stuff but i tried (and arguably failed) to branch off into other electronic genres like house. ditched i am a knife because i didnt like my backlog at all, and i needed a fresh start. also i dont fuck with some of my old collaborators and i want distance between me and them.

NSFW? (2018-2019)
duo of me as the producer and my friend kimba kaleidoscope as the rapper. we made 2 eps worth of songs and a bunch of singles. very very embarrassed by the quality of my production on these tracks honestly, but i was still in highschool so whatever

mortuary piracy (2021)
one off ep with my friend me.exe. might do another one in the future but nothing is guaranteed so its "defunct" for now.

heart eyes funeral (2021-2023)
i made heart eyes funeral as a continuation of i am a knife. unfortunately, i was not able to maintain the previous output i had, and i stopped making hip hop almost entirely. i abandoned hip hop recently because of a lack of passion and disillusionment with the community. up until this year (2023), i always told people i was a producer first and everything else second. that has changed. i would love to go back to making hip hop again one day, but nothing like this.