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the end of human identity and autism

this'll be an interesting thing to share with people

this is me coming out as therian i guess haha. if you dont know what that is, its like one step past furry essentially. it's past "i like drawings of anthro animals and i like to pretend to be a dog online" and more into "spiritually i am an animal and experience mild species dysphoria". it's comparable to my trans identity, but due to a variety of factors (lack of any possible physical change, more of a spiritual thing than medical, etc) it's also not the same?

so, uh, i'm a dog now. a wolfdog in particular. the way i draw my fursona is essentially my ideal form if that makes sense? you don't really have to change any language about me or anything, if you call me a person i might jokingly correct you but thats the extent as far as that goes.

the way i came about discovering this was seeing patricia taxxon's video on therians, and like. yeah. sorry if it sounds like im just ripping off her video here but she articulated a lot of things i wasn't able to explain until i saw it if that makes sense?

anyways, for me, being a therian is half autism and half dissociation from reality i think. like i haven't exactly felt grounded to the world i live in lately, i'm very confused on whats real and not, which is *probably* not great for being a human haha. but being an animal works out great in this way. and contextuallizing my autism as "dog traits" makes me feel better about it. stimming is just like wagging my tail. i'm very sensitive to sound. i don't feel like i can make connections to neurotypical people all that well. it's been something i've been made fun of for a damn long time, and the way neurotypicals treat me makes me feel like an animal anyways.

yeah. hopefully that made some sense.