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"on some me shit"
acrylic paint // 9/29/23

on some me shit

"gay dog album"
t shirt and sharpie // 9/3/23

gay dog
fuck will toledo

"bike lane"
digital art // 9/2/23

bike lane

"lesbo kitty"
digital art // 8/30/23

lesbo kitty

"itemlabel freaks"
digital art // 8/29/23

itemlabel freaks

digital art // 8/28/23


"making a new tamagotchi right after the last one died"
digital art // 8/27/23

making a new tamagotchi right after the last one died

"the morning after"
digital art // 8/6/23

the morning after

"rabies pride"
digital art // 8/13/23

rabies pride

"room to room"
digital art // 8/6/23

room to room

"fishie fishie!!"
3d digital art // 7/6/23


digital art // 7/5/23


"cinnamon snails"
digital art // 5/23/23

cinnamon snails

"that sucks"
digital art // 5/13/23

that sucks

"jammin out"
digital art // 5/12/23

jammin out

"hana venom" (fr go read 920london its peak furry art)
acrylic paint // 5/7/23

hana venom

"gas station"
digital art // 5/4/23

gas station

"i hate sex"
digital art // 4/30/23

i hate sex

"2007 never ended"
digital art // 4/18/23

2007 never ended

"reinvention (3rd time's the charm)"
digital art // 4/17/23

reinvention (3rd time's the charm)

"moments before eating shit"
digital art // 2/12/23

moments before eating shit

"phase 2"
acrylic paint // 2/12/23

phase 2